Sunday, November 11, 2007

Calton Family News

Jim-Still works at Redmond Minerals. The kids think he is always there. It is not true. Sometimes he is at the church.

Annette-Is enjoying her new job at the hospital day care. She is always there but hopes to be able to spend more time with the family after she hires two new people this week.

Zach-Has works full time at TDS tires. He is certified to do safety inspections and has developed a six pack from lifting 150 lb tires everyday. In his spare time he paints the weather truck. (We call it that because the color changes as fast as the Utah weather.)

Josh-Is in camp Bucca, Iraq. He was going to come home for Christmas but he traded with somebody who had a wife and kids -awwwww he really is a softy even though he doesn't want anybody to know. He sits in a guard tower and watches a prison which holds 30,000 prisoners. He does have a little excitement each time there is a riot but I would rather have him bored and safe.

Matthew-Is in Texas. He will be coming home for Christmas if we can get him a ticket soon. He will be deployed to Africa in July. He is having fun working on airplanes and gets excited when he sits in the pilot seat or gets to walk along the top of the plane.

Emily-Spends all her time working at Subway. She takes after her parents. She got a cell phone and can text almost 300 words a minute :)

Whitney-Has been playing volleyball. Her team lost every game but beat the undefeated team last week so they will be in the final tournament this week.

Amy-Reads, reads, and when she finishes she reads some more. She has read the Harry Potter series twice but has made a goal to read 50 books before she reads the series again. Amy is proud of her report card because it is better than Whitney's. They both got straight A's but Amy has all H's (Whitney likes to talk).

Michael-Plays with Legos when he isn't in school. He misses Josh and Matt and even admits he misses the teasing.