Thursday, October 30, 2008


Amy and Michael carved pumpkins for youth council for decorations for their dance and we didn't get a picture of them. Michael's was a cat and Amy's was a Witch, but she took my Twilight one instead. The pumpkins were judged and Michael's won first place and Amy/Whitney's won most original. Since they didn't get to bring them home I made another one and here it is.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Elder Calton

I didn't want to put all of Josh's updates on our family blog because it might look like I am playing favorites, so I made Josh his own blog. (Thank you for your help Whitney.) Josh will not be able to post on the blog or read it but we will post pictures and some of his letters so that the family can stay updated.
Josh left the Provo MTC on Thursday. He will be in the Dominican Republic MTC until November 11. I do not have a current address but his email address is:
If you go to this web site you can write a letter and they will print it and send it to Josh. This is free while he is in the Dominican Republic MTC.

Trip Up North

When we moved to Salina I hated it when people would say "Up North". It think it sounds so hillbilly but after almost nine years I sometimes find myself using the term. The girls and I went up north last week. Emily wanted to go to the BASH concert with Zach because her favorite band was going to be there. I have never let her go before because I didn't think it was a very good environment. This year she really wanted to go and she is almost 18. I thought if I drove her up and back it would make me feel a little better about the whole thing. Amy and Whitney and I stayed at Ang and Mike's while Zach, Emily and Katie (Emily's friend) went to the concert. We all went to Gardner Village on Friday night to see the witches. We had a great time at Ang's making jewelry, it was kind of therapeutic

Wearing our new jewelry

Zach's new roommate
Zach's new apartment in Taylorsville