Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emily is 18!!!

Happy Birthday Emily

I wanted to document the whole day in pictures but Emily didn't cooperate very well. I started the day by waking her up and taking her to breakfast at Denny's but they wouldn't sing to her because it was Valentine's and they were too busy. Happy birthday Emily! We love you!!!

(Just in case you didn't notice my last three blogs are not in chronological order)

Too Much Twilight

Whitney meets Edward.
(She wishes.)

If you can't tell the picture on the cake is Whitney's face.

Happy Birthday Whitney

I don't know how but Whitney talked me into letting her have a birthday party!
This is her friends at Pizza Hut.

Bugsy Malone

Amy and Micheal were in the middle school play. It was really cute. Amy played Tallulah and Micheal played Tootle. Micheal was killed in the third scene but he made a great come back as an angel in the last scene. Amy had to walk into the audience and kiss somebody on the cheek during her solo. The first night she kissed a 10 year old boy, the second night she kissed her swim coach and the third night she kissed Whitney's old boyfriend. A picture of Amy kissing Bugsy Malone was on the front page of the Salina Sun last week. The last time any of our kids made the front page was when Zach kissed a girl in the high school play. Warning to my kids: You don't kiss anybody and not expect the whole town to know about it.